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Product Category
round head
countersunk head · cheese head
tapping screws
round head · countersunk head · hexagon
countersunk head · cone · round head · flat head
welding nails
round head · hexagon
Standard Category
DIN 603-2010
DIN 7337(B)-1991
DIN 7504(N)-1982
DIN 7504(P)-1982
DIN 7981-1990
DIN 7982-1990
GB 1013-1986
GB 12616-1990
GB 12617-1990
GB 819-1985
GB 827-1986
GB 867-1986
GB 873-1986
GB 9074.8-1988
GB /T 12615-1990
GB /T 12615.2-2004
GB /T 12616.1-2004
GB /T 12617.3-2006
GB /T 12618-1990
GB /T 12618.1-2006
GB /T 14-1988
GB /T 15855.1-1995
GB /T 15855.2-1995
GB /T 15856.4-2002
GB /T 17880.3-1999
GB /T 17880.4-1999
GB /T 65-2000
GB /T 68-2000
GB /T 818-2000
GB /T 845-1985
GB /T 846-1985
GB /T 902.3(PT)-1998
GB /T 9074.13-1988
ISO 15984-2002
ISO 16582-2002
YJT 1044
YJT 1045
YJT 1046
YJT 1046
YJT 1047
YJT 1048
YJT 1049

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 About Us
Shanghai Chengtai Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1995, is a private company with professional combination of R & D and production for stainless steel products.

The company is located in Baihe Industrial Zone of Shanghai Qingpu District, just 50 minutes driving from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, and covers an area of 10000 square meters with 30 million yuan initial investment.

Chengtai specializes in various stainless steel rivets. After ten years of continuous development and innovation, the production range gets to be more and more wide. Now the company can offer blind rivets, structured rivets, semi-empty rivets and many kinds of non-standard rivets.

With fully implementation of TQC quality management system and strict accordance with ISO9001-2000 quality assurance system , Chengtai has gain honorable reputation from the government and customers, and been noted to be famous brand of Shanghai.

"No best, only better products". With the principle of "unity, integrity, quality, innovation", Chengtai will be open to the world and dedicated to create the most effective value for all the customers all around the world.